Military people meet

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military people meet

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Having young people consider any of these professions makes me proud to be a veteran and motivates me to offer any assistance I can. Now, arriving fit for any military or law-enforcement training program is a must.

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So preparing for these programs could take at least months to be an above average performer. However, today, as our adult population grows in waist size and decreases in fitness level, so has American children's weight and fitness. These are our future military members, police officers, fire fighters, and EMTs.

Anyone see a potential problem yet?

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But to answer your question, the average fitness level of incoming recruits for the military is considerably low.

Standards are set low to allow lower fitness levels into the military branches, but the goal of Basic Training in the military is to increase the fitness levels of recruits to reach passing fitness standards.

But, at the same time, the instructors have to teach job skills that will save your life or the life of your comrades. These are not skills that will prepare you for sitting behind a desk.

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This is training that is very physical in nature. That is why having a strong physical base for several months or years is so important to the recruit. My recommendation to those who seek to serve in Special Operations forces in the various military branches is to arrive at your Basic Training in the best shape possible.

military people meet

This means, not just reaching the minimum standards for that SF branch but blowing the standards away. As far as which branch to serve, research the various special operations groups on the military. If a resume doesn't contain the right key words, you are unlikely to pass the initial screening process.

military people meet

Employers are taking the correct first step by visiting Military. The military helped transform the men and women of the armed forces into leaders with excellent work ethics, but that does not mean veterans are trained to do every job. Veterans would do well to remember that employers are looking for specific skills, not just general potential.

If you don't have the skills required, consider taking classes in the specific field, look for volunteer opportunities, and consider temp agencies or work you can do on the side. See job listings in your industry of choice to identify what employers are looking for, or ask someone you know in that industry for an informational interviewthen hone in on the skills you need to improve.

Employers should keep an open mind and make it clear on job postings and websites what they are looking for. It may simply be an issue of skills translation as discussed above. However, if it is a matter of skill mismatch, being clear about what you are looking for will help future applicants ensure they are training in the right areas and targeting the right classes, internships, or other jobs as they strive to find the right fit with your company.

Negative stereotypes Some employers see veterans as too rigid or formal. Other stereotypes include problems with anger management or post-traumatic stress.

military people meet

One way veterans can work to overcome the stereotype of rigidity is to prepare for interviews. Have a civilian play the role of an employer and ask questions about your background, experience, and qualifications. Consider recording the interaction on your smartphone or camera, and ask the interviewer to debrief you on your presentation.

It may take some help to get back on your feet, but don't let that stop you from furthering your career. Employers would benefit by remembering that this perceived rigidity is simply a sign of discipline and hard work.

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Veterans have learned to be adaptable and will soon learn to fit into your culture as well, especially if you make it clear what your culture is and what your expectations are. Concern about future deployments Guardsmen and reservists face challenges associated with having to miss work for deployments, especially if they are seeking employment with small businesses.

military people meet

Be candid and upfront, and remember to communicate how this is good for the organization and the benefit you will bring to their mission accomplishment. It is about your development and serving your country, but we can always benefit by thinking about how our actions fit into the big picture in this case, your potential job.