North carolina state powerlifting meet

North Carolina State Powerlifting Championship – Southern Powerlifting Federation

north carolina state powerlifting meet

Entry Deadline: April 27, This is the annual IPA North Carolina State Meet. Only North Carolina residents can set or break IPA NC State records at. We will soon have 2 USA Powerlifting Certified Club Level Coaches at Anchored Pictured to the left is South Carolina's State Chair, Jon Mouzon, and North. Kentucky Muscle Powerlifting Championship Louisville, KY October 20, Results North Carolina State Championship Raleigh, NC August 25,

There were outstanding lifters from near and far — some familiar to me and others I met for the first time.

All in all, it was a very talented and outstanding group of lifters. You know when someone opens with a squat of pounds that there are some serious people in attendance. One of my teammates from my home gym in Morganton participated. He overcame a squat mishap to have a very outstanding meet, win his class, and qualify for worlds. Also in attendance were two of my teammates from elitefts, Christian Anto and Julia Ladewski.

Both are world-class powerlifters and coaches. Christian also overcame a squat mishap and got a little glitch in his back.

north carolina state powerlifting meet

He came back, had a vey good bench and deadlift, and had an outstanding meet, winning his class and being the outstanding lifter in his division. It was a genuine pleasure to see him go about his business. I do that to time the trip, not get lost, and determine when I have to leave on Saturday morning.

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I left on time, but severe rain slowed my trip and I was later than I had planned. By the time I got into my squat suitthe meet was about to begin. Damn it, why did this meet have to start on time? I was in a panic! I was trying to warm up fast.

2017 USA Powerlifting Southeastern Regional Championships (RG-2017-08)

Julia brilliantly suggested that I pass on my first attempt and take my time to warm-up properly. She looks after me. That I did, and felt much better as I took my first squat. Christian helped a great deal as he called out important cues. Even though I know the cues, it is a great help to me to hear a respected coach like Christian calling them out.

It's time to lift. All I have to do is listen and execute. Back, back, back, up, up, finish. Damn it, red lights for depth. I'm told it was very close, but not deep enough. We all felt that adding weight would help me get depth, so we did. Back, back, back, up, up, and finish.

Living on the edge. My bench opener, as light as it was, went up smoothly.

north carolina state powerlifting meet

Second attempt with a little more weight went up, hit the bench, and ruined my lockout. I got it up on the third attempt. After benching, I was tired. ChicoMertics was introduced to me by the founder and creator Dr.

The ChicoMetrics program focused on deep muscle toning based on isotonic and isometric principles for faster toning results. With this success, I believed that I could go further, and continue competing with the best natural and drug-free female powerlifters in the Amateur Athletic Union at the World Championship events… so I did.

Once again, I was empowered, anointed, and blessed with another win. I also clenched 1st Place in the World Deadlift Championships. There were approximately 60 competitors from around the world. To view the competition results go to www. Simmons is the foremost authority on powerlifting in the world and the greatest powerlifting coach of all time.


On Saturday, January 15,I had the privilege of meeting Mr. He lectured, demonstrated techniques and discussed strategies for increasing explosive power in the squat and the bench press. Simmons is one of the highlights of my fitness and powerlifting career thus far. Having the opportunity to meet Louise and other top fitness professionals at this venue in my life rejuvenated my hunger for maintaining gains in strength and power. Pavel is known as a master of sports and internationally known as an authority on kettlebell training for athletes and non-athletics alike.

Bud is a former Olympic weightlifter and is a well known authority on Olympic weightlifting and the training methods of weightlifters throughout the world.

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Powerlifting is a sport that is largely dominated by male athletes. This adversity is a force to be reckoned with, and influences my thrill to compete. Working out and training is much more challenging and creates the mental drive and determination that I require to excel to maximum potential. Hence, I must work harder, longer, and smarter, to be successful and to gain the respect and recognition as a natural female powerlifters.

My greatest inspiration is my mother because she too was an athlete.