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Today we wish the Godfather of New York Hardcore, Vinnie Stigma, a happy 60th If you're in the greater LA area go to Durty Mick Records in Long Beach, CA, . will receive a free download of the latest Twopointeight album "Twopoineight II". that you can see Trapped Under Ice at Groezrock in Belgium on April 27th. Free mp3 songs soda download movie goli. Download amnesia machine for pigs skidrow · Pleased to meet you trapped under ice download Download mac solar walk free, sims download key 4, lagrimas download 1 completo de litro . Listen to stay coldby trapped under ice on slacker radio, where you can also create personalized Its good to see trapped under ice back with new songs and new shows. Trapped under ice pleased to meet you by good fight. we just show max 40 mp3 list about your search metallica trapped under ice mp3 download.

Enjoy and have a great thanksgiving!! Visit out tour section for all details. Twopointeight enter studio with Brian Fallon October 3rd After a week of pre-production Twopointeight started tracking their new album at The Lakehouse Studio in New Jersey yesterday. The new record is due for release in early Murphy's Law launch brand new webstore October 2nd While the longawaited re-issues have been scheduled for release Murphy's Law launched their first official online Merch Store.

A great bunch of designs were premiered, even for the kids, and they'll keep on adding new stuff in the weeks to come. The guys have create a nice gift package, including a t-shirt and mug, so email them at iwantstuff twopointeight. Even tough a few European Rotting Out fans were able to pre-order the album recently this amazing new record will now see a full European release right after the summer.

To celebrate this new collaboration I Scream Records is releasing 3 brand new exclusive t-shirt designs, available at infinitemerch. For a limited time only these t-shirts will be made available for worldwide purchases, before becoming European exclusives, so take advantage of this while it lasts. Now finally everyone in Europe will have easier access to our music! Visit our webstore right here Murphy's Law kicking off first Australian tour August 19th In less than a month, on September 18th to be precise, Murphy's Law will be kicking off their first tour "down-under".

Visit our tour section for all the dates and details!!! Brian Fallon Gaslight Anthem to produce new Twopointeight album August 6th Twopointeight has announced that they will be teaming up with Brian Fallon as the producer of their new upcoming album "Twopointeight III".

Ever since The Gaslight Anthem and Twopointeight toured together in Europe Brian has been fan of Twopointeight, and vise versa of course, and a collaboration as such was bound to happen sooner or later. This new Twopointeight album will be Fallon's production debut, outside of his work with The Gaslight Anthem, and this is what he had to say about being on the other side of the isolation booth for the first time: These guys write songs in a way only few bands can and I'm honored to be doing this project.

A large part of the catalog is now available for purchase anywhere and more releases will be added shortly. This marks the first show since the band announced the return of Todd Youth. I Scream Records and Victory Records join forces. He grew up in the music industry on the business side and also as a musician.

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He has a great ear as a musician, publisher and label owner. He has a fantastic catalog and will be announcing some very exciting signings in the coming weeks and months. I Scream is a great addition to our stable of distributed labels.

Support independent music by independent artists! The band announced today that for each merch item purchased, via their webstore at Infinite Merch, the Gaslight fans will receive a free download of the latest Twopointeight album "Twopoineight II". You can visit the official webstore via www. Circo was released today. This isn't simply a video but an important way to create the much needed awareness for down syndrome.

We often find that life challenges us. What if every day was a challenge. We are all blessed. Things could always be a lot a worse.

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We pay respect to people that find themselves challenged in everyday life. Lizzi shows us that she is just as awesome as any other woman. She is strong, independent en she can move to the beat like only few can. She did a great job in this video and she taught us that life is great and dreams come true!

Completely devastated by today's news. For the past 16 years Onno has been a big brother, a father and dear friend to me. Onno, I love you my brother! Another masterpiece from the godfather of NYHC so get your copy!!! Trappe Under Ice taking a break February 22nd Trapped Under Ice announced that they'll be taking a break after the upcoming shows this summer. Here's a part of that statement: We are NOT breaking up. This is by no means the end of TUI. We just decided that it was important to keep the band fresh and something the five of us enjoy.

This will be their one and only show in Europe except for the UK dates in May. Volume 3, which also features a track by Twopointeight, in its entirety on their site.

Great bunch of bands so check it out and get your pre-order right here. Visit their site or join them on Facebook for additional details. May all your dreams come true. Merry Christmas Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy and love your family and friends!

Wishing everybody a merry Christmas and nothing but good things for This book is a collection of hate mail and other crazy rumors. You can now buy it via Amazon. Happy Veterans Day Music: Also go online and support the petitions out there. There are thousands of people left homeless and suffering from the aftermath of Sandy.

Lost loved ones, no food, no water, no heat and barely surviving.

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Thousands of cops, emergency personnel and sanitation workers, who are needed NOW, will be forced to waist precious time. Not to mention that the 3 generators used for the "media center", covering the marathon, can power hundreds of houses and save lives!! We need to make Bloomberg understand that his little bubble isn't a reality!!

You can purchase the posters right here Hoods on tour in Europe October 8th Hoods are on their way to Europe for a run which starts in Berlin, Germany on October 10th.

Check out our tour section for all details!

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Great line-up by our friends at Reaper! Visit Twitching Tongues on Facebook to see all the details: You can check it out right here: United we stand, divided we fall. Twitching Tongues release new 7" August 5th Twitching Tongues just premiered "Preacher Man", the tilte track from their new 7" via Alternative Press.

This release features two new songs and a Candlemass cover. It will be available on August 21st via Closed Casket Activities. A classic and must see!! You can check that out right here: Catch Skarhead on tour in Europe this coming August. Here's a statement from the band: Sorry to all our friends in Europe, all the promoters who booked us, our booking agent, and everyone else involved. We have to cancel our European tour in August. After being laid off from work for two years, our singer Joe was finally called back in.

When he went back to work, he mentioned the tour to his boss normally with this kind of work, its no problemat the time the boss said it would be no problem. Just yesterday his boss said to him that if he wants to stay working, he shouldn't do the tour. So due to a lot of financial problems he just cannot afford to lose that job even though working for a dick sucks. We are very sorry, and we where really looking forward to being there this summer.

Hopefully somehow we will arrange something over there soon. Wisdom In Chains pre-order bundles A few weeks ago a couple of online statements, including twisted facts, were posted about the delayed deliveries of the Wisdom In Chains pre-order bundles.

From all that was said the ONLY important part is the fans waiting. You've spent your money to support one of our releases and are owed an apology for the delay. So via this way I personally want to apologize for the wait and assure you that you will receive what you've paid for. Knowing the turnaround time, based on when we received the assets we needed, launching the pre-order opportunities, with the vinyl release, was a bad decision on I Scream Records' end.

So in the next couple of weeks we will personally reach out to every single one of you and offer a credit that you'll be able to use in various ways.

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This as a token of our appreciation for ordering and to try and make up for the delay. What can we expect and how do you feel about it? The record is short and energetic. Everything I love about most of my favorite hardcore records.

The record is written so that someone with a short attention span, like myself, can always be in the moment and appreciate what we were feeling at the time.

We wrote my favorite trapped under ice record and I think it was perfect timing for where we are as a band. What were the reasons you called it a day with TUI and then got back together 4 years later?

We never called it a day. That would imply that we broke up. We were tired from a lot of people pulling at us from all angles.

The band got a lot of attention and had a lot of demand. So we took 2 years off from playing shows and spent 2 years focusing on other music endeavors but more importantly we spent 2 years just being friends without the responsibility of being somewhere at a certain time to perform, record or whatever bands do. It also gave us a cool opportunity to step outside of the band, see it from a different perspective, better understand the kind of impact it had, and have a clearer vision of what we wanted from it.

Because you went seperate ways with different bands and all grew up during that hiatus, are there any changes or evolution within the band or is it just like it was when you guys split? Things like how we function as a band. In a recent interview you claimed to regret a bit the violence TUI unintentionally brought at shows, with people moshing way too hard sometimes.

When did you start to feel uncomfortable with this? Do you think it had an impact on the TUI songs that came after this awareness, either musically or in your way to write lyrics? Through our music and the way we present ourselves I have no intention to alienate someone that loves hardcore punk music and wants to express them self in an aggressive way. What were the factors that led to that new direction? The production was cleaner on that record. Heatwave has hooks but at the same time it faster, dirtier, and more raw.

What would say your influences went from since the demo to with Heatwaves? The influences in the beginning of TUI were pretty straight forward. Maybe less conscious but more impacting was Crown Of Thornz. I went a 2 year period around then where I almost listened to nothing but COT.

I listened to a lot of prince then.