Provincial meet 2013 batangas city

Batangas in Gearing up for Holy War

provincial meet 2013 batangas city

Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) asking for P per day increase in Series of ) which covers the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal categories of establishments that meet the applicable criteria for exemption. MANILA - Regions, provinces and cities in Luzon are the richest in the billion; Laguna, P billion; Batangas, P billion; and Pampanga, P billion. Lanao del Sur, received P billion IRA in , and P billion in Cooperation (APEC) Business Leaders Meeting on November We are committed to meet the expectations of our clientele for prompt, was a busy year for the regional and five provincial offices in CALABARZON with the conduct of . Batangas City on December ,

Government[ edit ] A provincial government is autonomous of other provinces within the Republic. Each province is governed by two main elected branches of the government: Judicial affairs are separated from provincial governance and are administered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Each province has at least one branch of a Regional Trial Court. List of current Philippine provincial governors The provincial governor is chief executive and head of each province. Elected to a term of three years and limited to three consecutive terms, he or she appoints the directors of each provincial department which include the office of administration, engineering office, information office, legal office, and treasury office.

Sangguniang Panlalawigan The vice governor acts as the president for each Sangguniang Panlalawigan SP; "Provincial Board"the province's legislative body. Every SP is composed of regularly elected members from provincial districts, as well as ex officio members. The number of regularly elected SP members allotted to each province is determined by its income class.

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First- and second-class provinces are provided ten regular SP members; third- and fourth-class provinces have eight, while fifth- and sixth-class provinces have six. Exceptions are provinces with more than five congressional districts, such as Cavite with 14 regularly elected SP members, and CebuNegros Occidental and Pangasinan which have twelve each.

provincial meet 2013 batangas city

The vice governor and regular members of an SP are elected by the voters within the province. After exchanging pleasantries with whoever opens the door to them, the group talks about the coming elections and the importance of choosing national candidates wisely. They talk about their faith and the sustained attacks on the Church by some legislators.

Finally, they ask the residents to add their names to a signature drive. If they sign, it will be some sort of a promise that they will vote for senatorial candidates whom their lay leaders will choose. The list of candidates will have the final imprimatur of Archbishop Ramon Arguelles. The signature petitions are also spread out in churches, to cover the churhgoers on Sundays. In the staunchly Catholic Batangas, the lay campaign is as easy as it gets.

provincial meet 2013 batangas city

From bottom to top The lay initiative in Batangas stands out in many ways: It is an initiative of lay groups, in partnership with the Church patriarch here. It reverses the top-to-bottom practice in the past, where Church leaders took charge and lay groups merely followed.

It concretizes the promise of the Second Plenary Council that lay people, instead of the Church hierarchy, will be in the forefront of political affairs. It awakens a passive Catholic laity, making them a political force to reckon with. It could put to test whether there is really a Catholic vote in the national level.

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Based on the Catholic Directory of the Philippines, there are about 2. The center of Church power in the province is the Lipa archdiocese, under Arguelles, who was appointed here in Directly under him are priests and more than 20 local lay groups. With devout and loyal followers, the archdiocese is an extremely effective army that even local politicians have recognized.

Under the baton of Arguelles, the 4 congressmen voted against the controversial RH bill on second reading, making Batangas the only province that solidly voted as the Church wished. On the third and final reading, however, Rep Collantes abstained. Arguelles interpreted that as a vote for the RH bill.

This was despite the fact that 3 of the House members here belonged to the ruling Liberal Party, which pushed for the bill. In an interview, Recto said he was initially against the RH measure, but changed his mind after a number of his proposed amendments, which watered down the measure, were approved. Strong lay movement How did the Catholic Church here pull it off?

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Days after the Bacolod diocese in Negros Occidental came up with Team Patay tarpaulins that list down the senatorial candidates that parishioners should reject, lay leaders met with Arguelles to map out their own strategy in Batangas. Unlike in Bacolod where the initiative came from the top, the one in Batangas starts from the ground. In my case, I am very much at the center of their efforts. I encourage them very strongly. No churchgoer would miss it — it is posted just below the responsorial psalm board.

Such act might have been considered improper or even blasphemous at some other time, but these are no ordinary times. The tarpaulin lists the qualities of candidates that churchgoers should consider before casting their vote. To avoid falling into the trap of a single-issue campaign, lay leaders expanded the issues beyond the RH issue. Essentially, Guinhawa said candidates are weighed based on the LASER test—lifestyle, action, supporters, election activities, and reputation.

provincial meet 2013 batangas city

Conrado Tejada, the communications officer of the Lipa archdiocese, said all parishes in Batangas will display the tarpaulin inside the churches and outside the church premises.