The basis of a relationship

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the basis of a relationship

In reality, I had no idea of what a healthy relationship was. The basis of a healthy relationship is when each partner maintains an open intent. There can be three basis supporting man-woman relationships: Physical and Emotional Basis Intellectual Basis Spiritual Basis Phy. Any interpersonal relationship, man and woman or same sex partners, should be based upon a deep connection that gradually develops over time spent.

Learning Through Conflict Healthy relationships have a system for learning from their conflicts and resolving their conflicts in ways that work for each partner.

Healthy partners are able to listen attentively to each other's points of view and do not get stuck in having to be right or having to win.

the basis of a relationship

A healthy relationship is an evolving relationship -- i. Conflict can provide fertile ground for learning when each partner's intent is to learn, rather than to control or avoid being controlled. It is the intent to learn about love that leads to being able to take personal responsibility for your own feelings.

They support each other in what brings each person joy, and they feel joy in witnessing each other's joy. Healthy partners, instead of being threatened by each other's success or joy, are delighted by it. Spark -- Physical, Emotional and Intellectual There is a spark that exists in healthy relationships that is not easy to define, but most people know what I mean by this. You enjoy being physically next to each other.

Trust: The Basis of All Relationships

You enjoy talking with your partner, playing with your partner, and sharing your feelings with your partner. You enjoy making love with each other. A spark is not a superficial thing -- it is not based on looks or status.

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Rather, it's about the deeper loving energy that exists between two people. Often, people feel a spark at the beginning of their relationship, but self-abandonment and the intent to control generally squash it.

Spark is maintained by all the above ingredients, and can be maintained throughout the relationship. When you see older, long-married couples still gazing at each other with love, you are seeing the spark -- the deeper energy of love -- that exists between them.

These people love each other on the soul level; time and aging take nothing away from the spark when people love each other on this deep, essence level.

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  • Trust: The Basis of All Relationships
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Remember, too, that predictions of doom have been around since time immemorial. Yes, we have more serious threats now, but people of peace have technology, creativity and intelligence too and are constantly working on solutions.

the basis of a relationship

Perhaps you have even more ideas. For now, I will leave you with this quote from Alistair Cooke: So it would be a crime against nature for any generation to take the world crisis so solemnly that it put off enjoying those things for which we were designed in the first place: But as with everything else nowadays, the possibilities for changes in the family are almost endless.

And every time a person enters or exits your household, there are going to be a lot of shifts in the dynamics. The most obvious addition to a family is a new baby.

The Basis of Relationships

When a baby enters the mix, all the other roles shift. The single child becomes the big sibling, or the youngest child is now in the middle child role.

The power shifts—the most helpless member of the family is now in charge. Everything revolves around their needs. Divorce brings its own set of challenges. One household becomes two; if there are children they have to adapt to splitting their time between parents and homes, and probably two sets of rules.

Parents also have to adjust to many things.

the basis of a relationship

But there are many other relationships affected by divorce, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Even friendships may shift.

the basis of a relationship

As difficult as it can be adjusting to new babies and divorce, there are other even more challenging possibilities. Think about it—the household then consists of dad, mom, stepdad, stepmom, son, daughter, stepchild, and half siblings. There are also many homes nowadays made up of grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and nieces and nephews, roommates and their children, and families with foster children.

And sadly, some family shifts are caused by death, which may result in any of the above changes with an added layer of grief on top. Within all these combinations is the potential for hurt feelings, competitiveness, jealousy, animosity, loss of what was, and so on. It can really help to be aware of these things and how they may play out. Here are some tips: Stepparents should not try to take on the role of parent.

Discipline and rules should be set by the biological parent. In the same manner, imprint after imprint on the fabric of the body-memory disillusions the body. Just like over-tattooing is abusing the skin; likewise, proximity with multiple partners is abusing the senses.

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Look at the society today- people are not even leaving 2 to 3 years old kids, they are molesting them! Is this because they have a need to get intimate? It is because of their compulsive nature. It is a bad circuit in the brain which has been used over and over again, that it keeps getting triggered all the time. Physical basis can be substantiated by an emotional basis. If partners have feelings for each other, then the relationship seems to outlast the one described above.