When does amber meet ryan

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when does amber meet ryan

Ryan meets up with Amber again and they plan another date. He later borrows Amber's car and whenever she tries to call him he does not answer his phone. But the biggest surprise came when Amber, in the show's closing montage, was For his part, Lauria was able to also illustrate that future Ryan was healthy and who followed both of us was like, "Hey you guys should meet!. Though Amber does not have life as easy as her cousin Haddie, or really When we first meet Amber, she is bratty, “wild” (or more wild than her cousin When Amber and Ryan are engaged, things start to go a bit sour.

At the end of Season 5, Ryan gets into a car crash while drunk driving. Amber and his mother visit him, and Amber realizes that Ryan never told his Amber and Ryan sleep together before Amber departs.

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Season 6 Edit Ryan is now living in Wyoming with his mother since he has been medically discharged from the army. His house is very small and messy, and it can be assumed that he doesn't do much each day. Amber visits him one day to reveal that she is pregnant with their child. He is thrilled and promises that he will be there for their baby. Amber is tempted to stay in Wyoming and take care of Ryan, but she decides that it is not best for the baby.

In the series finale's flash forward scene, Ryan is seen coming into Amber and Amber's husband's house. And the camera pans out to make it seem like they are getting it on — but what if the nurse comes in?! And Amber says she'll see him soon as she leaves the room. But not before they each say their trademark, "Bye, buddy" and make viewers sob uncomfortably.

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Those sobs quickly turn to rage when Amber picks up a pregnancy test at the drugstore. Do we want Amber and Ryan together?

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Do we want them to get together before Amber's knocked up and they have to? After last week's promo all but spoiled Haddie's coming-out party, it was a little frustrating to have wait most of the episode to see her actually reveal — albeit not directly — that her "super awesome best friend" Lauren is actually her girlfriend. In Kristina's case, it was Max Max Burkholder who spilled the beans, but in her powerful, motherly ways, she coaxed the confession out of her and promised her unwavering support.

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In Adam's case, it was the million and one compliments that Haddie Sarah Ramos said about how Lauren has helped her life. When Adam thanked Lauren, she said she loved Haddie and the look of realization quickly washed over Adam's face. The best part of Haddie's return was when the show subtly addressed Haddie's disappearance from the show.

Let's hope she listens to her dad next season. Progress for Joel and Julia: Joel Sam Jaeger and Julia Erika Christensen were brought back together, at least for a whole day, when Victor wins a school-wide essay contest and reads his piece in front of the school.

when does amber meet ryan

The day ends with Julia and Joel in Sydney's bed reminiscing about the day Sydney was born. Although some fans had their fingers crossed for a definite reunion, it makes sense that things were left positive yet ambiguous, considering Julia slept with Mr.

Knight only two episodes ago. But hey, at least we all got to learn that the first time Joel ever rose his voice to the Braverman clan, his fly was down, which is pretty hilarious.

She does not beg Ryan to come back.

when does amber meet ryan

She does not panic about what the future will be like at all, which I really admire in a person. Five year plans are not real anyway. She gets a little too drunk in a bar and ends up arguing with a man, and luckily, her father works there and swoops in to save her from driving home drunk.

He sends her future son a crib later, and everyone seems pretty happy about it. As a chick who forgave her father after 20 years, I highly recommend it.

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Brothers are built-in best friends. On and off screen, the two are the perfect duo. Amber talks Drew through so much growing up—through his girlfriend problems, through breakups and college choices, and everything. Family is pretty alright. Amber is definitely the Eye Roller in the family.

In the end, however, she is the biggest team player.