Car sales meet and greet example

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car sales meet and greet example

While on my way to train a dealership recently, I had a personal After picking up my luggage, I took a shuttle bus to the rental car agency. Bad greetings by salespeople are met with negative customer Once upon a time at a car dealership, a potential customer walked into a. Posts about Meet and Greet written by sellingcarsintodaysmarket. In these examples the salesman is using these questions to help determine exactly what the customer is There are car sales trainers around every corner.

Step 1: The Professional Meet and Greet | CarSalesPros

Once he made it to the portion of the pre-owned line up where the lot dead ends, he slowed to a stop. Almost as fast as he shifted the car into park he unbuckled, opened the door and walked briskly toward the windshield of a vehicle. It was at this point I noticed the tell-tale sign of a likely clear title trade: Old license plate design. With his car still running and no attention toward me, I approached him… Assumption approach: This is prime trade in material here!

One begins the exchange with a statement, an assumptive idea of what the man could be there for. The other begins with a question, opening the conversation up for much more possibility. Here for the big sale?

Car Sales Meet and Greet – Where it All Starts

The less typical approach is the conscious approach. The goal is not to manipulate the customer into doing your will but to empower them by providing the information that will satisfy their needs.

car sales meet and greet example

By doing this you establish yourself as a trusted resource that is aware of their problem and ready to solve it for them. I would recommend that you start by observing how your employees greet customers. That includes your sales department, service department, parts department, operator, receptionist and cashier. Watch how they interact with customers and listen to their recorded phone conversations.

Once you have a good picture, start a campaign within your dealership by getting your employees focused on how they should greet customers. Monitor your progress and continue coaching as needed. As a phone trainer, I listen to hundreds and hundreds of recorded calls each month and I am amazed at how poorly these customers are often greeted.

Meet and Greet | Selling Cars In Today's Market

So how would I greet a customer? Make sure you look your best each and every day.

car sales meet and greet example

Remember the way you felt the last time you bought a new suit and wore it for the first time? Greet each customer with a smile; smiles are contagious. Even when on the phone a smile goes a long way.

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Make and maintain eye contact with your customers. Come up with a greeting that is positive, upbeat and just a little different than that of your competition. Use voice inflections to add more meaning to your greeting.

Car Sales Training - Meet and Greet - Build Rapport

And most importantly; remember that the person in front of you or on the phone is your most valued possession—a customer. I just happen to have a few recorded calls demonstrating the greeting I use with actual comments from customers.

Please visit the following link to see how a proper greeting can help your dealership create a positive experience for your customers: Follow this link for some interesting and fun greetings.