How did harrison ford and calista flockhart meet

How James Marsden Almost Ruined the Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Hookup

how did harrison ford and calista flockhart meet

When Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart hooked up a decade and a it has been reported that Flockhart was so interested in meeting Ford. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are getting ready to celebrate their The year-old actor first met the former “Ally McBeal” star at the I was not surprised that I was able to fall in love, and I wasn't surprised that I did.”. Harrison Ford, sporting a blue baseball cap, his signature left earring and After paying for a pair of $ tickets, Ford and Flockhart, clad in jeans Benedict and chicken hash (and yes, “Calista does eat,” Café owner Ausra.

While there, she attended a specialized and competitive class, lasting from 6: In her sophomore year at Rutgers, Flockhart met aspiring actress Jane Krakowskithe best friend of her roommate.

how did harrison ford and calista flockhart meet

Later, they both would work together on Ally McBeal. People began recognizing Flockhart's acting ability when William Esper Mason Gross' theatre director and Flockhart's acting teacher made an exception to policy by allowing Flockhart to perform on the main stage.

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford: The secret behind their seven-year marriage

Though this venue usually is reserved for juniors and seniors, Harold Scott insisted that Flockhart perform there in his production of William Inge 's Picnic. Flockhart graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre in as one of the few students who successfully completed the course.

how did harrison ford and calista flockhart meet

Rutgers inducted her into the Hall of Distinguished Alumni on May 3, She would remain in the city until Early career[ edit ] In springFlockhart made her first television appearance in a minor role in an episode of Guiding Light as a babysitter.

Also, she played a teenager battling an eating disorder on a one hour Afternoon Special on TV. Two years later, Flockhart appeared in the television movie Darrow.

how did harrison ford and calista flockhart meet

Though she later appeared in films Naked in New York and Getting Inher first substantial speaking part in a film was in Quiz Showdirected by Robert Redford. Actress Julie Harris felt Flockhart should be hired without further auditions, claiming that she seemed ideal for the part.

InFlockhart became acquainted with actors such as Dianne Wiest and Faye Dunaway when she appeared in the movie Drunks. Later that year, Flockhart starred in Jane Doe as a drug addict. Throughout that year, she continued to work on Broadway, playing the role of Natasha in Anton Chekhov 's Three Sisters. Kelley 's Fox television series Ally McBeal. Taking their now infamous meet-cute into her own hands, Calista intentionally spilled her drink on Harrison during an awards show afterparty in order to score more face time with the years-her-senior heartthrob.

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Safe to say it worked out. Dry-cleaning bills aside, there was one other small hitch that might have tripped the couple up when they first met: Harrison was technically, um, still married. Ford separated from his ET screenwriter wife of 18 years, Melissa Mathison, inbut the duo didn't officially divorce until —two whole years after he and Calista hooked up. He's an Officer and a Gentleman: Outdoorsman Ford owns a acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

After carrying out two rescue missions in the area, Ford was deputized and is a badge-carrying honorary deputy who still helps out with wildlife- and people-rescue missions. They Have Friends in High Places: The duo was married Tuesday afternoon at a ceremony which not only took place at the New Mexico Governor's Mansion in Santa Fe, but was presided over by the state's Gov.