Relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

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relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

But this film, starring Rajinikanth and Prabhu riffing off each other's comic The man who found Silk Smitha: Vinu Chakravarthy reminded us of. Silk Smitha seduced Malayalam cinema like no actress ever has. Anthony Eastman, the She was then acting in Mr Pandian with Rajinikanth. I was on the next. Also enjoy this hot song from Telugu movie Debbaku Debba featuring Robot movie actor Rajinikanth and Silk Smitha. - OMG! Rajinikanth.

She was an introvert and did not make friends quickly with anyone.

relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

She is also known for her short temper and straightforwardness, which some mistakenly took for arrogance. In reality, she was punctual arriving in movie sets well before the shooting commencesresponsible, and ambitious having learned to speak the English language fluently despite her limited education. She is also described as having a "soft" and "child like" personality by her friends and fans. She was skilled with makeup and made it her profession before entering the industry.

She was naturally beautiful and well known for her doe-like eyes, golden complexion and physique. Death[ edit ] The morning of September 23,she had contacted her friend, dancer Anuradhato discuss a matter that was disturbing her.

He could gain their sympathy with ease.

The women in Rajinikanth's life before Latha Rangachari, and rumours of an affair with Silk Smitha

The actor was a scriptwriter in Kannada before facing the camera. Ironically, he debuted in a Kannada film before making his transition to Tamil, where he would find his audience.

relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

But it was in the s that the actor become widely known for his roles in films like Annamalai, Nattamai, Veera and Arunachalam. In Annamalai, the actor is cast in a tense scene with the superstar.

Silk Smitha's bold interview |

The actor believed that superstar Rajinikanth considered him as his lucky charm. He went on to do a record 25 films with the actor, including Rajathi Raja and Athisaya Piravi. The actor wrote the script for Vandichakkarama movie which won filmfare awards for its leads, Sivakumar and Saritha. The actor thought of Smitha as his product and even pointed out that the role of Silk in Vandichakkaram had earned her the moniker.

He believed he should have been consulted in writing the script.

relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

Chakravarthy had a workhorse attitude towards his roles. He never had to wait for supporting roles as they kept flooding in. Though he acted in Telugu and Malayalam, Chakravarthy did at least films in Tamil. The superhit film, Meleparambil Aanveedu, in which he starred as Veeramuthu Gownder, endeared him to audiences in Kerala.

His th film was Muni, the hugely popular horror-comedy flick, directed by Raghava Lawrence.

relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

His last film was the sci-fi comedy Vaayai Moodi Pesavum. However, in her heydays, it was said that her popularity even overshadowed Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, and Kamal Haasan, for a long time.

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The two made headlines, as they did some controversial dance sequences. Take a look at some of them and judge for yourself. Despite being called a family man, there were several rumours of him lusting after her, and some even suggested that he had an affair with her.

relationship between rajnikanth and silk smitha

However, there has been no confirmation to any of these reports. And, as a superstar, it's practically impossible to avoid such link-ups. However, Silk wasn't a happy person, and her life was full of ups and downs.

After several financial losses and broken relationships, the actress apparently committed suicide in She was found dead in her Chennai appartment. His fans did not take this lying down, and actually threatened violence.