The relationship box

The Modern Love Box™ - A Subscription Box Meant to Inspire the Modern Relationship

the relationship box

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Although many of the relationship subscription boxes out there are more geared toward a fun date-night, our relationship subscription box is more geared toward quality relationship enhancement. How does this relationship subscription box work? Well, inwe decided to change up our model a bit and go to quarterly boxes, instead of monthly boxes.

This is helpful because it offers our couples more time to really enjoy their experience and avoid monthly boxes pilling up. Also, receiving a relationship subscription box every 3 months creates more meaning and our couples will hopefully find more excitement when they receive their seasonal relationship subscription box.

the relationship box

Read more about how it workshere. Who would benefit from The Modern Love Box? In my professional opinion, our relationship subscription box is ideal for any couple at any stage of their relationship wanting to enhance their communication, intimacy and overall connection.

The Relationship Box

This box is gender neutral, meaning same sex couples are welcome. What can we expect from The Modern Love Box? But something about this fortune box really got both of us sharing, and sharing deep things, too. I loved the opportunity to spend about two hours or so focused on just the two of us. We talked, we laughed, and we got to know a bit more about what one another wants from life and our relationship.

It was really nice to get a little vulnerable and talk about our big dreams for the next year and for our time together.

the relationship box

A couple must learn the art of and form the habits of giving, sharing, loving, being kind, being affectionate, serving, sacrificing, communicating, appreciating, forgiving, accepting, not sweating the small stuff, being consistent, and so on.

In other words, keeping the box full. Or else the box will empty. Most people are narcissistic in ways that they cannot even begin to imagine let alone even see.

Relationship Subscription Box : For The Modern Couple

That also makes them blind to all of the ways that they take in a relationship as well as all of the little and not so little ways that they fail to give in a relationship. When we love someone love becomes a verb that allows us to put stuff into the box, give to the other person in a way that is meaningful to him or her and works with their schedule, not just ours, and works with their tastes and preferences, not just ours.

the relationship box

This is what most people call Love: When we love someone, the focus is on the other person, what we are putting in the box, the quality and frequency of what we are putting in the box, whether it matters to the other person, and whether it is good for the other person or will bring happiness to the other person. We are takers, not givers; narcissists, not Lovers.

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There are two banquet halls that are laid out identically with an abundance of delicious food. In one banquet hall the people are happy and well-fed. In the other, they are unhappy and malnourished. In both banquet halls, people have to eat with identical 3-foot long utensils.

In the banquet hall where the people are happy, they are happy because they have learned how to feed each other, and to do so courteously, to give each WHAT the other would like to eat this analogy assumes that the people themselves have a decent idea of what is good for them to eat and what is not. The oft told inspirational story that compares the Dead Sea with the Sea of Galilee makes the same point.

The Dead Sea is a dead sea because it keeps all of its water—nothing flows out of it and so nothing can grow in it; the water is too salty.