What are the relationship between secretary and office automation

Will “Office Automation Secretary (OA Secretary)” be Automated or Replaced By Robots?

what are the relationship between secretary and office automation

Thanks to advancements in office automation, some secretaries take on duties once handled by managers and professional staff members, especially in small. Office Automation Secretary (OA Secretary)” will probably be replaced by robots. Want to know more, like the estimate in percent? Visit now!. Office automation refers to the integration of office functions usually related to usually use a telephone line connection to transfer data, while sharing in the same and secretaries—are just a few of the people that use office automation on a.

There are many tools used to automate office functions and the spread of electronic processors inside computers as well as inside copiers and printers is at the center of most recent advances in office automation. Raw data storage, electronic data transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of an office automation system.

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The modern history of office automation began with the typewriter and the copy machine, which mechanized previously manual tasks. Today, however, office automation is increasingly understood as a term that refers not just to the mechanization of tasks but to the conversion of information to electronic form as well.

The advent of the personal computer revolutionized office automation, and today, popular operating systems and user interfaces dominate office computer systems. This revolution has been so complete, and has infiltrated so many areas of business, that almost all businesses use at least one commercial computer business application in the course of daily activity. Even the smallest companies commonly utilize computer technology to maintain financial records, inventory information, payroll records, and other pertinent business information.

what are the relationship between secretary and office automation

Within each broad application area, hardware and software combine to fulfill basic functions. Information Storage The first area within office automation is information storage which is usually considered to include office records and other primary office forms and documents.

Data applications involve the capture and editing of files, images, or spreadsheets.

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Word processing and desktop presentation packages accommodate raw textual and graphical data, while spreadsheet applications provide users with the capacity to engage in the easy manipulation and output of numbers. Image applications allow the capture and editing of visual images.

Text handling software and systems cover the whole field of word processing and desktop publishing. Word processing, the most basic and common office automation activity, is the inputting usually via keyboard and manipulation of text on a computer. Today's commercial word processing applications provide users with a sophisticated set of commands to format, edit, and print text documents. One of the more popular features of word processing packages is its preformatted document templates.

Templates automatically set up such things as font size, paragraph styles, headers and footers, and page numbers so that the user does not have to reset document characteristics every time he or she creates a new record. Desktop publishing adds another dimension to text manipulation.

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By combining the features of a word processor with advanced page design and layout features, desktop publishing packages have emerged as valuable tools in the creation of newsletters, brochures, and other documents that combine text and photographs, charts, drawings and other graphic images.

Image handling software and systems are another facet of office automation. Examples of visual information include pictures of documents, photographs, and graphics such as tables and charts. These images are converted into digital files, which cannot be edited the same way that text files can. In a word processor or desktop publishing application, each word or character is treated individually.

In an imaging system, the entire picture or document is treated as one whole object.

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One of the most popular uses of computerized images is in corporate presentations or speeches. Presentation software packages simplify the creation of multimedia presentations that use computer video, images, sound, and text in an integrated information package. Spreadsheet programs allow the manipulation of numeric data.

what are the relationship between secretary and office automation

Early popular spreadsheet programs such as VisiCalc and Lotus greatly simplified common business financial recordkeeping. Particularly useful among the many spreadsheet options is the ability to use variables in pro-forma statements. The pro-forma option allows the user to change a variable and have a complex formula automatically recalculated based on the new numbers.

what are the relationship between secretary and office automation

Many businesses use spreadsheets for financial management, financial projection, and accounting. Data Exchange While data storage and manipulation is one component of an office automation system, the exchange of that information is another equally important component.

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Electronic transfer is a general application area that highlights the exchange of information among multiple users. Electronic mail, voice mail, and facsimile are examples of electronic transfer applications.

what are the relationship between secretary and office automation

Systems that allow instantaneous or "real time" transfer of information i. Receptionists usually provide the first impression a customer gets of a company while secretaries tend to keep the wheels of the organization turning in the background. The job outlook for both positions looks good, although receptionist positions are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations, according to the United States Department of Labor.

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Job Duties In the world of the receptionist, the main duties include answering the phone and greeting people who walk into the office. Some companies ask their receptionists to performadditional tasks that involve computers and software.

For secretaries, their day is filled with clerical, administrative and organizational tasks that include making appointments, typing documents, filing and answering the phone. Many secretaries also make travel arrangements and act as a filter between the public and their boss.

Thanks to advancements in office automation, some secretaries take on duties once handled by managers and professional staff members, especially in small businesses. These tasks may include negotiating with vendors, conducting research and managing projects. Skills Receptionists need excellent customer service skills via phone and in person.

They need to speak clearly and move quickly to connect callers to the right phone extension.