What is the relationship between brooke and mouth

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what is the relationship between brooke and mouth

After some time, Brooke flew to Los Angeles and confessed her love and they reconciled. They continued their relationship for over a year before Julian moved . As they have to keep their relationship a secret, Brooke and Nick comes to pick her up at Rachel's house for them to go on a date late at night, which Rachel. Rachel initally targetted Mouth and befriended him in order to spite Brooke but a relationship eventually developed. However, while Mouth developed real.

Nathan knows that she can sing and tries to encourage her to pursue her passion, as that is what he has always done. Haley meets a musician that wants to help her while she helps him, as she is a talented song writer.

What is the name of the man that is trying to help Haley with her music career? Felix Chris Quentin Brooke gets her heart broken by Lucas Scott, especially since he loves her best friend. She wallows for a short period of time but then decides to move on. She has an attractive neighbor that used to irritate her, but she now finds him attractive. After a series of hookups, the neighbors start dating. They form a decent relationship, although not all of her friends like him.

Question 14 What is the name of this local, teen friendly club and music venue? She has a coffee shop that all of the locals frequent and she caters a variety of events. One day, she hears Peyton talking about how there is no great music scene in Tree Hill and nowhere that is particularly teen friendly. Peyton wants to change that and Karen decides to help by opening a club. What is the name of this local, teen friendly club and music venue?

Question 15 Who acts as a moral compass for most of the people in Tree Hill? Whitey Durham Ellie Harp Andrew Hargrove Many people believe that a town elder is often the wisest person to turn to in times of turmoil.


Tree Hill has a local resident that many people go to confide in or for advice. This person does not take any nonsense, but has a soft side that helps people through tough situations.

what is the relationship between brooke and mouth

Who acts as a moral compass for most of the people in Tree Hill? Question 16 Which character causes chaos when they bring a weapon to school? One of the characters brings a weapon to school, injuring many and holding an entire room hostage. Unfortunately, this is the result of someone with a broken heart that does not really want to hurt anyone.

In the end, the person is rumored to have murdered a major character and then takes his own life in the school. Which character causes all of this chaos? Question 17 Which two main characters get locked in the library during the shooting? Nathan and Haley Mouth and Brooke Rachel and Brooke When the person enters a school with a weapon, he injures one of the main characters. Everyone goes running, whether it was to lock themselves in a room or outside.

Everyone was trying to avoid further damage done. This character is eventually found by another major character and they hide to protect each other. They take shelter in the library and try to block the doors. Which two main characters get locked in the library during the shooting? Question 18 What club does Brooke accidentally join? She fails math during her senior year. When Rachel and Brooke break into the school late at night, they are caught. They pretend to be members of the club that meets at night at the school.

Luckily, Brooke meets a cute boy here.

what is the relationship between brooke and mouth

What club does Brooke accidentally join? Question 19 What does Brooke name her clothing line?

When Haley encourages Brooke to pursue her passions, Brooke dives into fashion. She designs for a local store and gets none of the royalties from it. This frustrates her and sparks her to create her own clothing label. Her designs are so excellent that she even gets to compete in a major competition. This line carries her through adulthood.

What does Brooke name her clothing line? Her mother passed away when she was very young, which still haunts her every day. She gets shot during the school shooting and almost passes away herself.

She is a bit angsty and runs a webcam series that follows her life. She starts to receive some strange instant messages about her life and then gets stalked by this person. Question 21 What is the name of the record label that Brooke and Peyton start? Some of the original cast members are down on their luck, while others are finding great success in the world. Somehow, they all end up back in Tree Hill and find themselves trying to dig their roots back in.

Since Peyton had not found much luck in California with music labels, Brooke decides to help her start her own. What is the name of the record label that Brooke and Peyton start? One day, Haley is found on the ground of a bathroom and is rushed to the hospital. Here, she finds out her baby boy is just fine.


While he is born before the jump, we get to know the son better in the later years. Question 23 Who does Peyton successfully sign to her label?

what is the relationship between brooke and mouth

She wants to make this successful so there will be an ethical music label located in Tree Hill. After seeing a band play, and finding a great hatred for the lead singer, Peyton signs one of the members to her label.

what is the relationship between brooke and mouth

This person eventually tours and has a major album. Who does Peyton successfully sign to her label? Question 24 Who creates the heart logo that Brooke later uses for her clothing line? Anton Taylor Nathan Scott Lucas Scott Although Clothes Over Bros does not become a fashion phenomenon until after the multi-year jump, Brooke started working on this clothing line in high school.

She started this line because one of her friends told her to pursue her passion for fashion. After seeing a variety of artistic designs, Brooke decides to use them on her clothing. She eventually has to get the rights to the art. Who creates the heart logo that Brooke later uses for her clothing line? Brooke has a cult-like following and has offices in New York and Tree Hill.

She has several models that work for her and she appears in fashion magazines globally. Brooke needed an assistant to help her get through day to day life. When they move to Tree Hill, this assistant starts dating Mouth. A fight that paralyzed him Performance enhancing substances Haley was pregnant with another baby Divorce Nathan Scott was a star basketball player.

He was captain of the Tree Hill Ravens and wanted nothing more than to play college basketball. He was afraid having a baby would change that, but Haley wanted him to pursue his dreams anyways.

Nathan had always supported her and now it was her turn to do the same. Nathan succeeds at college basketball to the point where he is about to be drafted into the NBA. Question 27 Before she marries Lucas, which boy did Peyton not date? Nathan Scott Mouth McFadden Jake Jagielski Peyton Sawyer goes through a lot different boyfriends, especially while she is trying to fill the void of not being with her one true love, Lucas.

Eventually, Peyton ends up marrying Lucas. Before she marries Lucas, which boy did Peyton not date? Question 28 Who tried to murder Dan Scott? He is an overall unpleasant person who tries to show his dominance by threatening people. She eventually overcomes the betrayal and is determined to live a full, happy life. Barry Corbin as Brian "Whitey" Durham: The Ravens' coach for over 35 years, who retires in season 4.

Schwahn said, "Whitey was often good counsel to Lucas and his world, but when we jumped the show ahead, it was time for Lucas and his world to find their own way. Whitey often laments the death of his wife Camilla and the fact that he did not spend more time with her while she was alive. The show also delves into Whitey's long history with the Ravens and basketball.

He shares the story of how he got the name Whitey to teach the players about how basketball helped him to understand integration. He retires after the Ravens win the much-coveted North Carolina state championship title for him, but later takes a coaching position in a college near Tree Hill, giving Nathan the chance to play college basketball.

Craig Sheffer as Keith Scott: Dan's older, kinder, under-achieving brother. Sheffer said that characters like Keith are not the most enjoyable to play. I actually prefer more of a challenge.

He wasn't a hugely interesting character. But he was a good guy and he was just a really genuine human being with good intentions", commented Sheffer. You don't bring too much with you. We had some good scenes within the framework of a simple character, so there was some of that stuff to play, but also a lot of cheesy stuff.

what is the relationship between brooke and mouth

He had a recurring drinking problem and rivalry with his brother. Moira Kelly as Karen Roe: Kelly said, "as long as they keep Karen [as] the words of wisdom, the kind of sane one, the one who is trying to make her son understand what it is that they're really going through at this age, you know, that she keeps it together, then I'm happy because it's nice to be the voice of reason.

It's better for me, personally, to have that kind of role, especially on that kind of show that's geared towards teenagers. There's got to be, I feel, a role model that says, 'Okay look, it seems this way right now, but it may very well be this way later.

With help from Dan's brother Keith, who in later years is her lover and father of her second child, Karen raises Lucas to strive for his best potential. Barbara Alyn Woods as Deb Scott: Dan's wife and Nathan's mother. Initially normal, she later becomes neurotic. Woods said, "She's fun to play, I love Deb Scott, she's a well-rounded character.

I can't say I'm a lot like her, but I think our desires are the same. I'm not a big drinker, so I'd lay off the booze. So, that would be a good start for a mom I would say. And I've never cheated on my husband. Deb battles an addiction to pills in season 2 and again in season 4, but overcomes it permanently the second time. One of Lucas's oldest friends they were both members of a group of children who played together at the Rivercourt, an outdoor basketball court in Tree Hill.

Schwahn spoke of seeing himself in Mouth. Even if he doesn't always do the right thing, you know it's coming from a good place. Antwon Tanner as Antwon "Skills" Taylor: One of Lucas' oldest friends and another of those who played at the Rivercourt as children. Tanner said that at first he had thought Skills would become an important character, but later had come to doubt it.

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But now he's doing his thing, so I ain't mad at it. They need to write me in more! She moves to Tree Hill in season 3. Harris said, "Rachel is a dynamic character who is known for changing her opinions, personalities, friends, and locations. I feel like each time she returns to Tree Hill from one of her many adventures, she is a bit different Rachel is such a fun character to play, so the intrigue is more of After joining the cheerleading squad, Rachel clashes with Brooke over Lucas, but the two become friends later on.

Jackson Brundage as Jamie Scott: The highly-intelligent eight-year-old son of Nathan and Haley. He's such a great kid and we all feel blessed to have him in our lives," said Schwahn. And the cast is at their best around him. Lisa Goldstein as Millicent Huxtable: Brooke's assistant at her shop Clothes Over Bros. In the first episode of season 6, she moves to Omaha with him. She returns to Tree Hill during the fifth episode to work for Brooke in her new store.

She reunites with Mouth only to endure a series of mishaps. Austin Nichols as Julian Baker: Peyton's ex-boyfriend from Los Angeles.

Which is not rare, by the way," commented Schwahn. He offers to produce a film based on Lucas's first book. At first, Peyton does not reveal to Lucas that Julian is her ex-boyfriend, but she is forced to do so when the plans of the movie take shape.

Brooke rebuffs his advances until Peyton gives her blessing when she sees that Brooke has a serious interest in Julian. After Brooke opens up to Julian, they begin a relationship.

Robert Buckley as Clay Evans: Nathan's sports agent from season 7 onwards. Buckley described Clay as part bad boy, part good guy, a man who plays the field when it comes to relationships, but who is extremely dedicated to his job, clients, and friends. He's a very loving and protective person.

Clay is romantically involved with Quinn James. Shantel VanSanten as Quinn James: Haley's free spirited older sister. Fans were unreceptive to the character at first, but eventually warmed to her. I struggle because I take it personally. Obviously, it is a personal thing. Quinn is a character that the writers and myself have developed", said VanSanten. It was a really emotional thing and it wasn't something that we could really explore a whole lot of. So, I think it was a hard place for people to accept as I came in.

I wasn't bubbly and happy. Jana Kramer as Alex Dupre: An actress turned model who moved to Tree Hill to become the new face of Brooke's fashion line. Alex started out as a recurring character, but was upgraded to series regular status in the second half of season 7 until the end of the series. Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams: A "clean-teen" introduced in season 4 as a potential love interest for Brooke. He had a recurring role until the later half of season 8, when he was upgraded to series regular status.

In season 9, he develops a friendship with Chris Keller. Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller: The character makes his debut in season 2 as an arrogant, selfish man who constantly refers to himself in the third person. He connects with Haley through her music and succeeds in breaking her relationship with Nathan. Chris returned for minor appearances in seasons 3 and 4, and again returned as a series regular for season 9, as Mark Schwahn had wanted him to return since the time jump into season 5. Conception[ edit ] Schwahn originally planned to make One Tree Hill a feature length film with the title Ravens, the name of the show's high school basketball team.

However, he became convinced that it would be more interesting as a television series. As in the setting of the show, Schwahn went to school in a small town and played on a basketball team. He described himself as similar to the character of Mouth McFadden. Schwahn said that in designing the show, he created Lucas as "this underdog kid from the wrong side of the tracks" who crosses over to the pretty and popular; he wanted to show the life of such a person in a basketball context, feeling that basketball was a great platform for telling stories.

Most of the show's episodes are titles of songs, bands or albums.

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The question is ostensibly answered when Karen tells Lucas in episode 1. Basketball[ edit ] Lucas and Nathan during the basketball game at the climax of the pilot episode. The pilot is considered one of the show's "most essential" episodes.

If they do happen to be in a classroom, the only teacher they have is Coach Whitey. It was never about playing basketball, but it was about what was happening to the people when this game or tournament was approaching.

He felt they had time to "step back and learn from audience response" and that Schwahn tailored the show toward the "core audience". Schwahn said, "Girls watch the show in large numbers. Less time on the basketball court could afford One Tree Hill more time for plots fueled by sex and drugs. In a interview, Schwahn said, "In the second TV season, we didn't play any basketball, which was the rest of their junior year, and I felt that the show suffered a little bit.

When Lucas is at the Rivercourt at the end of that pilot, you know. I think we feel like this is the girl [who] is his soulmate.

And, you know, the pilot ends with him saying, 'I'll be seeing you. Can they agree together to let go of that weight? The theme for Lucas and Peyton is, 'How do you learn to be happy when you've spent so much time carrying grief around?

Do you feel guilty for being happy? Is it OK to let it go?