Basis data relationship adalah ialah

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basis data relationship adalah ialah

Transcript of Tugas Besar - BASIS DATA. Description Component Main Features Roman Fal's Rifky Aldiyansyah Pujangga Arsyada. ERD merupakan sketsa yang memvisualisasikan keterkaitan (relationship) antara entitas (entity) satu dengan entitas yang lainnya. Merupakan. industri daripada pelbagai sumber supaya perbandingan data boleh dilakukan. Kebelakangan . merupakan satu rujukan standard kepada pengguna- pengguna perangkaan rasmi .. establishment-based survey can be compiled on a geographical basis. This The 'parent' in the relationship may or may not be resident.

Bolt-on The strategy in acquiring a platform company can differ greatly from a typical bolt-on acquisition. A true platform has typically garnered more scale and notoriety and has other factors that can help mitigate the risks of a consolidation play in a particular sector.

That is, such a private equity target deal is likely to include pre-packaged systems and processes for a turnkey business once the acquisition has been made. Ideally such a target would also provide a good basis for bringing in other similar industry players for consolidating the sector. Bolt-on, add-on and tuck-in acquisitions—on the other hand—present a very different beast for making assessment.

While each needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis, most other buys are not only going to be smaller and less significant, they typically also present more risk to the buyer.

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen summed up the acquisition strategy nicely —especially when it comes to differentiation for bolt-on, tuck-in and add-on acquisitions.

Model Reinvention It can sometimes be difficult to find a good, growing and disruptive bolt-on acquisition that truly includes a business model that disrupts the current status quo within a large strategic parent in the industry or a private equity platform.

Targets that are a good fit often include some type of new breakthrough technology, method, process or intellectual property. Clay Christensen states is well: Roof-Matrix Diagram Roof-Matrix adalah matrix yang menghubungkan item—item dalam satu grup, yang mana bentuknya menyerupai roof atau atap dari sebuah rumah lihat Gambar Konsep Dasar Roof-Matrix Diagram: Pilih suatu topik atau masalah. Bentuk sebuah team terdiri dari orang. Tim harus mengidentifikasi permasalahan yang ada. Pilih fasilitator untuk mengkoordinasi kegiatan team.

Tentukan variabel-variabel produk atau proses yang akan dipelajari. Tentukan bentuk matriks berdasarkan tugas. Tempatkan informasi dalam matriks. Tarik garis dari matriks. Tentukan simbol-simbol yang akan digunakan termasuk keterangannya, sebagai contoh lihat Gambar 13 di bawah ini. Masukkan simbol-simbol ke dalam sel-sel matriks yang tepat. Analisis matrix diagram, pelajari dan pahami hubungan yang penting bagi proses pengambilan keputusan.

Saat ini matrix diagram semakin banyak digunakan oleh industri-industri manufaktur. Planning for quality, productivity, and competitive position.

Somebody could be familiar with in learning process and record achievement doing tasks using Microsoft Office however is compouned in fourth element. The fifth when business applications have shifted to element is the ability to develop and maintain social networks, blogs and wikis he or she appropriate personal and organisational could not be fluently using them.

basis data relationship adalah ialah

Digital fluency then consists and mobile applications confidently, adapt of several elements which are confidence, and keep up with new developments in creation, action, ethics, privacy, personal technology.

Net savviness is a basic skill and or software varieties. It includes or online content or software.

basis data relationship adalah ialah

Critical evaluative techniques society environment. Privacy element is refer to the ability and action of users to the awareness about the consequences of search check, combine, distinguish, and loosening border between private and public filter information. He or she will understand life by the adoption of ICT and how oneself the quality level of information and is able can protect themselves from the unsolicited to being sceptical to any digital information.

Diversity means to what extent users Personal development is the knowledge consume broad, varied and diverse digital and ability to use in assisting personal information and be aware of any biases development whether in career, education, contained in the messages.

This component and recreational activities. Criticality is the also includes ability of users in assessing and awareness and ability to be digest information placing comments, opinions or any kind of in cautious manner by verifying, checking digital contents in relevant categorization or or comparing accuracy, completeness, and ideological basis or public debate repertoire.

Desember Table 2. Questionnaire Design for Digital Fluency No. Very disagree communication devices 2. Very Agree 2 Creation I know the production process of all 1. Very disagree online blogs, websites, crowdfunding 2.

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Disagree sites, online petition, social media, etc. Very Agree 3 Action I can do actions on Internet contextually 1. Very disagree crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, online 2. Disagree petition, e-invitation, etc. Very Agree 4 Ethics I understand the possible lawful impact 1.

basis data relationship adalah ialah

Very disagree of my online actions. Very Agree 6 Skills I know how to use digital technology to 1. Very disagree edit pictures, video and voices.

Tentang Matrix Diagram

Always 8 Criticality I look for other sources to compare 1. Always educational factors, behavioural intention, Meanwhile, digital literacy studies have opportunity and actual use of technology reached mature discussion.

The scholarships to digital fluency. However, they have not of digital fluency have investigated the gap of reached actual results yet. The do not explain directly why somebody gender distribution was also consistent with psychologically tends to perceive fake SUPAS data which shows a balance news as truth, are able to illuminate in proportion between male and female Table which socioeconomic groups some people 2.

Meanwhile, digital fluency the assistance of Suveymonkey. They are also detailing the criticisms to digital content. The survey was launched on July Analysis Technique Based on the data of population census There are some techniques used to ana- of SUPASthe survey expected to lyse the data.

To answer the first question, have some numbers of respondents in each descriptive analysis of mean and standard district Table 1. The gender distribution was deviation is applied. The first question is based on the proportion of male and female about the index of digital fluency amongst citizens of DKI Jakarta which is Pearson correlation analysis is used to Questionnaires were distributed to answer the second question about which citizens of DKI Jakarta however only socioeconomic status predict the highest and questionnaires were fully completed on lowest level of all fluency index.

Answering online via Surveymonkey. Fewest percentage Tabel 3. Similar with the age distribution, to enumerators.

basis data relationship adalah ialah

Income Level in the Family which shows that the proportion of male and Frequency Percent Valid Cumulative female is almost equal. Percent Percent Table 4. Gender High 8 4.

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Many of respondents hold senior between smartphone owners. Socio-economic Status Table 6. The questionnaire consists of eight Percent Percent main questions Table 8. Respondents Islam Respondents who Islam answered very agree meant they are comply Total People who have high or middle-up level fluency level in the scale of five.

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Using less educated are average.