Course laughter love relationship sensual tantra

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course laughter love relationship sensual tantra

A choice of 2 different classes – yoga or active Osho meditation; Breakfast; Morning Sexy lovers foreplay, sensual, man and woman, tantra Maybe you'll even find yourself in an intense passionate moment with a man in an open marriage who's wife is sitting Maybe you'll laugh (the facilitators can be very entertaining!). Tantra massage is meant to awaken the kundalini, a type of powerful "Many Irish people enquire about our courses," said Martin, in his sing-song It is our birthright to explore the sexual energy we have within and . into a chuckle, which in turn became raucous belly laughter. . Sex & Relationships. In the school name was changed to Tantra Essence, the courses and the . His life approach embraces sensual love between men and women as an integral The search for harmonious sexual union and relationship is simultaneously the .. In Balance: Joy and laughter; emotional fluidity, centredness and sexually.

I was thinking outdoor hot tubs, Naomi Campbell lying out on a deck chair minding her own business, Kate Moss with her head stuck in a book, a massage room overlooking the water and the beautiful mountains.

At the same time Rory admitted he was a bit nervous. What if he didn't fancy Maria? What if he couldn't let go and experience the full value of the massage? As we entered the bullring car park in Ronda, we were greeted by an extremely happy couple, waving and shouting out a greeting with big voices and cheerful smiles.

course laughter love relationship sensual tantra

We were mildly relieved to see that they both had two eyes, two ears, two legs and no obvious physical deformities.

On first impression, Martin was a tall, jolly, smiley gentleman, with a full head of hair, a deep tan and a pot belly. Maria seemed warm, enthusiastic, slim and well kept for her age, which appeared to be mids. She spoke broken English, with a German accent that was reminiscent of a B-movie vampiress.

Over a welcoming cup of coffee the four of us sat with the sun on our backs and I asked this married couple how they began practising and then teaching Tantra. I always wanted to appeal to people's whole being" "Then," Maria takes up the story, "when our son was born 10 years ago, we sold our businesses, house and cars and left London to travel the world. As we travelled, we thought about lots of things like our selves and our lives, and we wondered what we could change.

Back then, we thought it was a sign and later we thought maybe Tantra would help us with our marital problems. In the end, it was just this big yearning to experience intimacy with yourself, with your partner and with other people. We teach people to have a kind of mini-orgasm 10 times a day. One of our favourite exercises is yoni gazing and lingam gazing. Imagine some sexually inexperienced person who has never seen a yoni having to have to look at a yoni for two hours!

Things happen in that person as they gaze at the yoni and they realise that it's not an 'it' anymore, it's part of that whole person. They must have sensed my disappointment, because Martin said the new centre is under construction and will be nestled in the countryside. They led us through to a room adorned with lamps and candles, and two makeshift beds laid out on the floor about 6ft away from each other. With cheesy Indian music playing in the background, Martin and Maria asked us to take a shower and put on a sarong each.

When we arrived back from our showers wrapped in our skimpy sarongs, we found Martin and Maria standing there wearing nothing but their smiles. They directed Rory to one mat, where Maria was, and me to the other, with Martin. Martin then asked me to sit opposite him on the mat and he coached me to breathe properly -- in deeply through my mouth, while extending my belly out, and then exhaling through my mouth while sucking my belly in towards my back.

During each exhalation I was instructed to make a loud vowel sound, kind of like those noises that made Samantha Jones from Sex and the City famous. Over on the other mat, I could hear Rory breathing away like an old Tantric pro, and I tried not to be distracted by what he was doing and focus my own experience.

That is, being face to face with a middle-aged man instructing me to gaze into his third eye while controlling my breath.

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I couldn't get the image out of my head that Rory's mum had suggested before we left Ireland: The urge to giggle like a schoolgirl quickly converted into a chuckle, which in turn became raucous belly laughter. I reprimanded myself for this childish behaviour and we began our third attempt to perform the gaze. I stapled my eyes shut at this point and concentrated heavily on my breathing.

Breathe in, extend belly out; breathe out, suck belly in and make a loud vowel sound. As we manifest in the physical dimension, we become two. The whole phenomenal world exists through duality. The search for harmonious sexual union and relationship is simultaneously the search for our original oneness.

Duality also gives rise to the possibility of conflict and misunderstanding. We experience both fulfilment and difficulties in relationship. The ancient Tantra Masters of India, Tibet and China applied centuries of genius to unravelling the mystery posed by the phenomenon of love and relating.

They developed an exact science for discovering the nectar contained in the meeting of polarities. The methods Sarita and her team teach to couples are techniques they have practised extensively themselves. The positive sexual and spiritual transformation they have experienced through Tantra inspires them to offer this possibility to couples everywhere. The training is offered in seven levels. It is designed to give you time in-between groups to experiment with the varying methods offered in each level.

Every day, as part of the training, each couple goes to the privacy of their bedroom for particular Tantra practices which include sexual union. The dynamics inside the group room include regular Tantra meditation sessions, various types of therapeutic exercises, massage, dance, sharing, celebration, emotional release, ritual and energy work. In addition to this, there is private counselling available if needed. Level 2, Male Female Balance: In this level we explore methods to bring harmony of opposites, cutting through the misunderstandings which arise if that balance has not been experienced.

Level 3, Sensual Awakening: When this experience is brought to relating, it revolutionises sexual and relationship dynamics. Level 4, Royal Liberation: Level 5, Exalted Union: The couple remembers how it is to live as one whole, beyond duality, both inside oneself and in love partnership. The whole training usually takes three to four years to complete. By doing the complete training we bring the whole diamond of relating into its brilliant and shining potential.

course laughter love relationship sensual tantra

This training provokes powerful transformation and healing in yourself as an individual, and in your relationship. Both parties should be aware of this fact and willing to dive into transformational experiences. The Tantra meditations which include sexual union are practised in the privacy of your bedroom. We offer personal coaching and healing as an integral part of the training. Another important aspect of the training is the group dynamics. Deep friendships often develop between couples as they all move through the process together.

This is one of the master keys which support rapid transformation. We do not include sexual union as part of the singles course structures. A sensitive and caring environment is created for discovering, healing, understanding and celebrating our whole being in its many facets. This brings powerful transformation to sensual expression and to the way we relate to others and ourselves. Some workshops are presented by teachers trained and accredited by Sarita.

See the calendar for details and dates. Our natural state is being revealed to us: The body is always here and now. When our sensitivity is awakened, our experience of life is enhanced in all dimensions. The inner and outer world sparkle with aliveness. One simply enjoys the? For some of us, our senses have been suppressed in response to traumatic experiences. By bringing Love and Awareness to the senses we can release old memories and therefore heal and regain our aliveness, joy and pleasure.

In this course we will use Tantra Meditations and Rituals including breath, movement interaction, and sensorial awareness to expand into higher consciousness. Enhancing sensitivity through conscious touch and healing massage. Using the senses as doorways to open up to Love. Bringing full awareness to each sensation to awaken the witnessing consciousness in us.

When we drop words, mind slows down and our sensitivity is enhanced. We will experience non verbal interaction and energetic sharing.

The 6 best intimacy and sex retreats for couples around the world

This group is designed both for individuals and couples. Tantra teaches us to discover the bliss of meditation in whatever we are engaged in, whether that be in sexuality, love, marriage, work, creativity, senses, emotions, mind and spirit. In the Shiva Shakti group, individuals or couples are invited to experience the Tantra transmission on the subject of male-female polarities. Celebrate the wisdom of creation as it weaves through the opposite yet complimentary polarities of the divine feminine and masculine.

Zen Bungalow Sounds brilliant? Follow your instinct and your heart's desire and simply give yourself this gift of healing and holidays in one beautiful package. This is the retreat you have been waiting for. The best teachers, top programme, amazing location, food, beach, great people The retreat you will remember forever.

From where you will need to take a bus to Donsak pier, then a ferry or speedboat to Koh Samui, and finally a taxi to Vikasa. Vikasa is located by the ocean side on the ring road between Lamai and Chaweng Noi beaches. We are 20 minutes drive away from Koh Samui International airport, and 35 minutes drive from both Nathon and Lipa Noi ferry terminals. Koh Samui climate is tropical and high in both temperature and humidity. Most people find it pleasant. The average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

course laughter love relationship sensual tantra

A dip in a pool can also be very refreshing. On some days you might find yourself in a refreshing tropical shower for a moment. There will be towels available in each room including one beach towel. We also provide with a set of shampoos and soaps that are refilled regularly. We might not have your favourite brand though! There are plenty of shops you can buy practically anything on Koh Samui.