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Campamento Base Getxoarte of publications where two agents — artists, curators, researchers—, without a previous direct relationship and from [ ]. Oct 27, In her work, mostly conceptual (as a base and starting point) it reflects on the relationship between the individual and and the society, and the. Sep 21, In her work, mostly conceptual (as a base and starting point) it reflects on the relationship between the individual and and the society, and the.

An act and a looseness, which she understands as an invitation to observe elements of interpersonal relationships, social choreographies and knowledge hierarchies. Painting taught her to pay close attention to light and color, while dance enabled her from very early on to experiment with the relationship between the body and space-time.

After spending a year in a college-prep scientific course, she was accepted into the architecture program of the Institute of Applied Sciences in Strasbourg.

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From then on, her career bears witness to a constant interest in research, habitat and urban issues. In she presented her architectural graduation dissertation project on the renewal of a working-class neighborhood in Brest, which she developed in collaboration with a local association of artists.

She worked for several town-planning agencies and placed in charge of widely varying projects such as neighborhood creation in the major cities, regulatory studies for rural and urban towns and urban renovation projects. She then joined the Sophie Delhay architecture agency where she coordinated teams and the follow-up of experimental collective housing projects.

In he follow in the footsteps of his elder brother and joined a hip-hop dance school. With other enthusiasts, he formed the KLP company. The first performances were written collectively. In he wrote Insolents Solistes with Brice Bernier.

In he wrote Tour of Duty, a plunge into the heart of the history of New York and hip-hop. On the strength of this momentum, the following season he produced a dance concert featuring the KLP dancers and the BackPack Jax musicians and rappers, performed in the United States.

After a few more years with the group, Sofian continues to experiment on his own. He is especially fascinated by the relationship with constructed space and the bonds he can create between body and mind. He uses this project to explore the capabilities of contemporary human bodies — his own, of course, but also those of the public and the dancers he meets in workshops.

Worked as editor and editor in chief in the editorial department of several plastic and visual arts magazines. Worked as visual consultant at Theater Madrasah. Did visual studies for 3 months on body, voice and effects of space-use on movement.

Her choreography has often been rooted in improvisational beginnings and at times improvisational performances. She is challenging herself now to delve deeper into her ideas to find clearer vocabularies and nuanced visions.

She finds inspiration for her work from reading a lot of sci-fi, seeking solitude, and practicing activities unassociated with dance. Pilar wants her work to engage people of all backgrounds, and to give them entrance into alternate realities. She believes in the power of a spectacle, and seeks to create atmospheric pieces that feel otherworldly. She has trained extensively in modern, contemporary and ballet, as well as hip hop, jazz, West African, contemporary Indian, Gaga, and contact improv.

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Her artistic research is directed towards ontologies surrounding the human body, its possible performance strategies, political subjects and post-dance theories. You might suggest a Netflix and chill type of date at your place, or theirs, and have some dinner first. Keep dinner light, because the last thing that you want to do is have either of you bloated and full. This might be cause to prevent any magic from happening. Otherwise you can be more formal and woo your love interest with an actual date.

Then after the date is over, you can head into first base. However, if you want to reach the other bases, you will definitely need to find somewhere secluded to go. If not, things would just get a little too weird.

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Base 1 Ah, the first base. The very suspenseful, yet invigorating, moment where you finally get to make physical contact with the person that you have feelings for. This is where it all begins and ultimately what will be the deciding factor if you go forward into any of the other bases with one another. First base is the most innocent base there is. It usually consists of kissing. Now what kind of kissing it turns out to be is totally up to you and the person that you are locking lips with.

There is no specific kiss that defines the first base. You could go full tongue, a. Even a simple peck on the lips counts as reaching the very first base.

A kiss on the cheek, a hug or hand holding. These are things that friends do often. Yes, friends can totally and platonically hold hands with each other.

After you kiss or even full on makeout, you will find yourself deciding on whether or not to slide into second base. It is what gives you a chance to see how you like the feel of them before going all the way.