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Relationship - Organize and manage contact information. apps that have a common theme or purpose, then share it and discover new collections! This was one of several apps that Jumsoft had developed that were very promising. Jumsoft Relationship relationship goals. Relationship for iPhoneJumsoft Relationship for iPhone is an easy-to-use and effective tool for managing contacts and. Jumsoft today announces Process , an update to its productivity "Our flagship applications, Money and Relationship, have been doing great of Apple Macintosh experts whose goal is creating and marketing exciting.

See everything in one place as you manage your projects with Relationship.

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Link each project to contacts involved, events related, and tasks to be performed. Add relevant bookmarks, emails, sticky notes, and documents to make the project picture complete. Presents an effortless way of handling a variety of tasks that you face in your everyday activities. Tasks can be linked to relevant contacts and projects, providing you with a frame of reference that's richer and more functional than just a name and due date.

Makes scheduling and remembering meetings and other events completely undemanding. The event feature records specifics about the time and place of each of your events and allows you to set up alarm reminders.

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If you have recurring events, you can choose to repeat them daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. You can integrate your email accounts to send and receive messages directly in the application. To give your email messages a more powerful context, link them to relevant contacts or projects. Managing email marketing campaigns becomes a lot easier when you link Relationship's emailing and contact group features.

Emailing is not the only integrated communication tool in Relationship. Relationship simulates narrowed society in which each chicken represents one entity having interlacing relationships with others.

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Try to play for understanding how complex there are. Game rules is very simple: But it is not easy to win. To complete the game, you must be not only skillful player but also intelligent one for passing many levels with more and more Ltd via 2 Jumsoft Relationship Relationship for iPhoneJumsoft Relationship for iPhone is an easy-to-use and effective tool for managing contacts and projects on the iPhone 4.

It allows you to capture a full picture of your contacts and projects and to manage links among contacts, projects, tasks, and events. Wide Scope of UseRelationship for iPhone is designed to serve the contact and project management needs of individual users, small businesses, clubs, associations, and self-employed individuals.

It is functional and intuitive, eliminating the need to delve into thick user manuals. Complete Contact ViewRelationship lets you capture a full Relationships can be tough, and every aspect needs to examined and explored with unique perspectives.

Meet Raul, our local marriage helper. Meet Eliza, the on call self professed relationship guru. And finally meet Sam, hes all about inserting some fun and excitement back into ailing relationships. With Relationship, youll get personalised responses from an advisor of your choice theyre amusing, insightful, and sometimes a little cheeky.

You can even remain anonymous. No automated messages here, you will receive a personal message every time. Free By iShop Australia Pty Ltd via 4 Relationship Calc Surprise your partner with a romantic new idea, celebrate a very special anniversary Find out when you will be weeks,hours or 2, seconds togetherNo problem with this relationship calculator. Just enter the date when you first met, your wedding date or other memorable date. The Relationship calculator helps you to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner with an unusual anniversary greeting.

GoalsPlan helps you acquire new habits and fulfill your goals. Download now and try itA goal without a plan is just a wish said Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

GoalsPlan helps you define and meet your goalsGoalsPlan allows you to: You enter a target amount and an optional target date by which you want to save this amount and the app suggests a savings schedule and tracks your progress. You can have as many separate Savings Goals as you need. Are you saving for a house deposit, new car, holiday, household bill etc or putting money aside just in case?