Long distance relationship korean girl

Long Distance Cross Cultural relationships: His dedication sealed the deal

long distance relationship korean girl

Being in a long distance relationship (with a Korean) . He has no interests in clubbing, talking to girls or playing online games like most of his. I had a long distance relationship with a Korean girl until just a few years ago. I didn't think long distance makes the situation worse. Long-distance relationships are incredibly tough and even One Korean couple surely knows that the things worth having in life do not come.

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In our case, I only call Wonnie at 9 in the morning to wake him up and exchange a few messages, and then next would be at 10 pm until 1 am or until we both decided to sleep.

Scheduling some sweet dates together, maybe once or twice a week, is a good move too since it becomes something you both look forward to. What should you do then? Maybe asking about his day can help you understand a bit more about his busy life.

long distance relationship korean girl

His world does not revolve around you, and yours should not either. He is a part of your life, yes, but he is not your everything. You have family, friends and other concerns too like him. Make sure to keep yourself busy and pre-occupied. Reading, writing, studying, going out with friends, spending time with family, traveling and going to the gym are just some of the things you can do which can help you and your relationship get better.

Trust me, they want a woman who has her own purpose other than being in a relationship and spending her whole day calling and messaging him.

You are his partner and should somehow be the source of his happiness and strength, not stress and exhaustion. As much as you wanted to feel good and happy in your relationship, you have to know that your partner wants the same thing too.

If he sees you as a needy partner, sad to say, but he might feel that he is better off without you. Try to be the happy companion he needs, especially if he is tired from working or studying all day. I felt extremely awkward. Probably she felt the same way.

Given the situation she was on the extremely busy days, I felt I'am wasting her precious time. So we stopped daily Skype.

long distance relationship korean girl

Our Skype became once in a week, once in a month. Gradually, it was getting less often. And then, our connection died out in the end. This is our first big mistake. It could be anything. How often you talk is much more important. Just texting "Good Morning! Have a nice day! When you do something together with anyone, you must feel the distance between two seem closer and connection happens naturally.

I think the biggest benefit doing something together is, you get something to talk about so easily.

long distance relationship korean girl

You wanna share reactions each other and have a great time. Juo and I are in this for the long run and if it means waiting months on end then so be it.

long distance relationship korean girl

Honestly, it was a skill that I lacked in the past but this relationship has changed that. If there is a piece of advice I could give to my fellow Western girlfriends who are into the AMWF relationships that would be… to be yourself without limitations.

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There is never a limit on becoming a better version of yourself without changing who you are. Finally, there will never be a limit on who you find love and a connection with. Questions to Him Asking her out for the first time was… exciting.

I saw her for the first time on Instagram and thought she was so beautiful so I had to send her a message. I learned She is right for me when… She told me she would love me forever. Also, she always knows how to surprise me.

For example, she would send me letters in the mail without reason and fill them with our photos. She always writes me a sweet message inside too.


I had culture shock when… she told me there was not really a public transport system in Florida. She said there was no subway or big bus system and I was shocked! After I visited her in Florida for the first time I understood later that most people used cars so there was no need for public transport. I feel like we share our feelings. The biggest misconception about her country and culture was… that I thought their eating habits would be similar to the ones I saw in movies and TV shows.

I will say I do think eating out is definitely more popular there than in Korea but it is not what the movies make it seem like.

The things that She likes to do for fun with me… are traveling and talking! We are obsessed with traveling and making memories across the globe. Every time we are together we always plan a trip.

Our first trip together was to Tokyo, Japan in ! These days we are already planning our next trip for when I go to visit her in the US.