Lovers concerto ending relationship

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lovers concerto ending relationship

Lover's Concerto - Review: When it comes to romantic dramas you oftentimes get the Certain circumstances made the two end their friendship with Ji-hwan. It's entertaining and oftentimes also sad to watch the relationships between the. Lovers' Concerto is a South Korean film directed by Lee Han. It is a romantic melodrama develop feelings for each other but are reluctant to admit it. Ji-hwan recalls the complex relationship between the three to Chul-hyun. Dec 16, and friendship, "Lovers' Concerto" reps a style of filmmaking that's an almost Ji-hwan also untangles their complicated, hidden relationship.

In is in the Romance that Korean movies have achieved a unique identity. A rundown of a few could be: If I say watching a Korean Romance is like sipping a glass of mild flavoured honey sprinkled with lightly scented lemon peels, I have said absolutely nothing because that very drink itself may taste different to different people.

Those who have experienced this genre will no doubt have their own definitions of what it is. What I would say is Lover's Concerto comes a little short when compared with these ones that came before. Still, it is an enjoyable experience, although not as deeply memorable as Christmas in Autumn or as delightfully refreshing as Il Mare.

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The main plot of Lover's Concerto, which remains hidden until close to the end, is a very familiar one: Depiction of the main characters' feelings and emotions in face of death does not have nearly the same depth, care and sensitivity as in Christman in Autumn or My Sassy Girl.

Greater attention has been given, instead, to the treatment of the triangle relationship at the beginning and the twists at the end of the movie. Nan's new job is manager at a Chili's restaurant, which is not the direction she had hoped for her career.

lovers concerto ending relationship

Dong-mi is sultry vixen and a successful business woman with a bad relationship history. She is far from shy and not afraid to go after what or who she wants.

Despite, she is not without morals. After Nan's loses her job, Dong-mi is sexually harassed by her boss.

lovers concerto ending relationship

She decides to keep her self-respect and leaves the job. Jeong-jun is Dong-mi and Nan's male best friend. He shares an apartment with Dong-mi, and has had a slew of bad relationships. Women walk all over him and he does not do a good job handling it.

Together, Nan, Dong-mi, and Jeong-jun make up a trio of twenty-somethings who are approaching thirty. While life seems good at first, they all find out that life may not be what they had hoped for by the age of thirty. With all of their lives being affected for the worse in one way or another -- Nan being demoted and losing her boyfriend, Dong-mi losing her job, and Jeong-jun's girlfriend telling him she wants to see other people -- this cheery trio keeps on living.

Nan's life slowly starts to pick up when she meets Soo-heon Ju-hyuk Kima guy who works for Unos Securities, which is on the floor above where Nan used to work.

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They start a relationship. It is shaky in the initial stages, but becomes serious. Dong-mi tries to start her own company. Jung-joon tries to pick himself up after losing his girlfriend and be the kind of man she wants. Throughout the rest of the story, Nan, Dong-mi, Jeong-jun, and Soo-heon continue through the final years of being twenty-somethings and find new that they have stances on life when the unexpected happens.

There are several different things that make Singles a great movie. The cast is superb. Lead actress Jang Jin-Young is simply delightful. She is a great character, as the very cute and easy to like heroine.

Her romantic interest Kim Joo-Hyuk fits in well. He has great chemistry with her. Um Jung-Hwa fills her role well too as the sultry, confident woman, and Lee Bum-Soo is the perfect selection as the guy with the opposite personality of Um's character.

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Having these two play roommates worked out for the best. All in all, the four leading characters are very strong, and their simple interaction will make you smile. Another strength Singles has is the storyline. A man should be worthy enough to make me join a tug of war, but then again how much I love my friend also matters.

This is one of those motion picture tat you can transfer to a book without losing its essence and beauty. She became prettier and avenged her broken heart. A love story full of courage and never failing to hope for what love can really offer.

If Mischievous Kiss gave hope to not so bright ladies that they have a chance to snatch a smart-prince-like-man, LBS Beauty provided an encouragement4shared Personal Free Online File Storage — InnityIt was simple and not overly done and was an engrossing watch.

lovers concerto ending relationship

So I finally got the chance to watch this movie without interruptions. I was so fond of the lead couples when they were children and loved them even more when they grew up.

lovers concerto ending relationship

So sweet, priceless and worth remembering. Watched it with my mom, and she loved it. Actually it was vaguely presented and was injected fully later in the story, nevertheless I love how this movie was not complicated and effortlessly endearing. Surely worth of your rest day movie time.

Ji-ho has liked Min-woo since High School. As her luck ran out with her current job, she bumped with her crush again when she was hit by his car while chasing the snatcher who took her bag.

This is about realizing the right love for you and chasing the romance no matter how long it will take. Su-Ae has such an expressive eyes and her blithe nature in this love movie complements the endearing character of Byung-hun oppa.

lovers concerto ending relationship

A felicity filled tale that will leave you fetching and at the same time agonizing. It was a sweet melancholic movie of finding love and holding on to it even if it has long been gone.

It made me feel warm, giddyish, frustrated, disappointed, annoyed, sad, appeased and then eventually blissful. The fake marriage, dance moves and the simple yet sure love launched a well deserved love sigh from me. What this movie achieved was setting a sad note to a brighter perception.

The love couple were adorable and swung an Edward-Bella pull worthy of your smile and sigh. I love that it was so natural and that they first slept together inside a coffin and never ending to a traditional bed.

A carefree movie I would definitely recommend. This was a romance charmer that will raise mirth one moment and then tug your heart at another time. Watching it made me not expect outcomes or predict what will happen because the conflict surged up when it commenced, but I was left watching them as they have a good time alongside the struggle with their inevitable death.

It was simply done but happily narrated, and that made it hit home in me. Radiant and resonating, this is a must watch darling. A film so tender and heartfelt, it will give you that sweet regret feeling as you sleep.