My hero boyfriend games relationship

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my hero boyfriend games relationship

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At their first meeting, Tenya thought that Izuku was an annoying person who couldn't keep silent in the entrance ceremony. He later reprimanded him in making light of the prestige of UA, which earned Izuku mockery from the other students. After observing him during the Entrance Exam, though, Tenya was greatly impressed by Izuku's heroic actions when Izuku saved Ochaco instead of focusing on himself in the test.

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Along with Ochaco, Tenya was one of the first people to befriend Izuku on their first day of school. Although he greatly respects and admires Izuku, he also views him as a rival; Tenya feels that he needs to challenge him in order to grow as a hero.

my hero boyfriend games relationship

However, the rivalry between them is much friendlier than Izuku's other rivalries. Tenya respects Izuku for his dedication towards a goal or task once he has put his mind to it and not giving up on said goal or task.

Izuku likewise respects Tenya's leadership, determination, and perseverance. Ochaco Uraraka Since they're both friends with Izukuthey became friends with each other too.

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Tenya and Ochaco both mutually care for each other's well-being, and both expressed concern when the other was put in harm's way. After the Final ExamsIzuku is seen worrying about Shoto's feelings, especially towards his father. During the Hideout Raid ArcShoto is seen reciprocating these with his own reassurances and support, such as the time he told Izuku that "It's okay for heroes to cry" and taking Izuku's feelings into consideration, asking if he wanted to join, when he and Eijiro were planning to save Katsuki.

Katsuki Bakugo Katsuki drives to surpass Shoto. Shoto and Katsuki have interacted a few times such as in the Obstacle Race during the Sports Festival where they had a brief scuffle for first place, and before they faced each other in the final match of the Sports Festival's tournament event.

Shoto appears to not be fond of Katsuki's aggressive personality and doesn't seem to see Katsuki as a rival. On the other hand, Katsuki was shown to be envious of Shoto's strength after seeing him in the Battle Trial.

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However, Katsuki dislikes Shoto's cold attitude. Unlike Izuku, Katsuki doesn't care about Shoto's problems or feelings. It seems that by the end of the first semester, Shoto and Katsuki appear to be neutral with each other, enough for them to have limited social interactions with each other without hostility as shown when they joked to each other about Kota reminding them of people they knew. During the Villain attack during the trip to the forest lodge, Shoto and Katsuki were paired together for the test of courage, and were therefore separated from everyone else when the League of villains attacked.

Shoto tried to keep Katsuki from engaging in battle, reminding him of the various dangers of using his Quirk near the gas, and to stop him from being taken captive, though Katsuki showed anger at Shoto for doing so. Shoto also attempted to save Katsuki from being kidnapped by the League of Villains and agreed to help rescue him from his captors. Since his rescue, Shoto has shown to be more friendly towards Katsuki, attempting to start casual conversations with him, shown when they both had to go to extra lessons to get their provisional licenses.

However, Katsuki still shows annoyance towards Shoto for doing this. During the Remedial Course Arc, when Katsuki proposed to be more violent with the delinquent children, Shoto proposes that there are better ways to deal with the situation. This made Katsuki think back about Shoto's past and allowed the latter to proceed with his approach, which showed that he is at least more sensitive to Shoto's past.

Tenya Iida Shoto appears to be on good terms with Tenya, respecting Tenya for his incredible speed after their battle in the U. Sports Festival ; Tenya appears to also respect Shoto for having the behavior of a true Hero. They are first seen interacting with each other when Shoto chose Tenya to join his team in the Cavalry Battle.

my hero boyfriend games relationship

After the Sports Festival, Shoto becomes increasingly worried about Tenya's mental health when he heard about Tensei Iida 's injuries from Stain. Shoto understood Tenya's hatred for Stain fully well as he too knows the feeling of hating someone and thus could relate to him, deciding to help Tenya overcome his bitterness such as encouraging Tenya to become the man he wants to be.

After the battle against the Hero Killer, they are often seen together along with Izuku Midoriya, meaning they view each other as friends.

Momo Yaoyorozu Momo comparing herself to Shoto. Although their interactions have been minimal, Momo and Shoto are generally friendly towards one another. Shoto has many similarities to Momo; they both are students who got into U. He chose her for the Human Cavalry Battle in the U.

Sports Festival [8]and voted for her during the class rep election.

my hero boyfriend games relationship

Shoto even told Momo he believed that she excelled at the role of being a leader and gave a vote for her in being class representative. He appeared to be oblivious that Momo's low self-esteem bridged from comparing herself to him. Ochaco has subtly hinted that she may have affections for Izuku, like getting jealous when Mei Hatsume was too close to him and their intimate talks in the festival.

She was embarrassed when Gunhead teased her by asking if she was talking to her boyfriend and frantically told him that wasn't the case. She was also greatly amazed when Izuku showed off his new moves at the end of the Vs. In the anime, she acted this way again and gave many excuses when asked about what transpired in the test while in the presence of Izuku who was confused by her erratic behavior.

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Due to her insecurities about her possible feelings for him, Ochaco would usually blush heavily and run away whenever she is alone with Izuku, or deny it in an over exaggerated way, while he is confused by her behavior. She also seems oblivious to Izuku's own crush towards her. During the Provisional Hero License Exam ArcOchaco realized that she does indeed have feelings for Izuku after getting jealous of Camie Utsushimi being with Izuku and realizing she has felt this way because of their time together.

However, she has decided to focus on becoming a Hero for her sake and so that her affections for Izuku doesn't interfere between them, deciding to only being close friends with him for the time being.

my hero boyfriend games relationship

Since they are both very close to with Izuku, they became close friends with each other too. She was very amazed to hear he is from a prestigious family of super heroes and that Tenya is the brother of Ingenium. Ochaco had commented that she knew he had some form of a rich background and was impressed by him. Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu and Ochaco Ochaco and Tsuyu are close friends, as they are on a first name basis with each other.

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They even call each other "hon," a shortened version of the nickname "honey". The two easily cooperate with each other while also acting protective, as seen during their fight against Himiko.

They comfort and help the others as possible, as seen when Tsuyu comforted Ochaco by offering to hold her hand which she accepted during the Forest Training Camp Arcor when Ochaco helped Tsuyu to apologize towards their classmates by gather them.