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I created a private group with the app to find different connections and invited my fellow FamilySearch public relations missionaries to join. (According to the Geni Forest Density Calculator, there are over , OneGreatFamily claims to have a big tree as large as or larger than the one .. Georg Graf of Salzburg confirmed in his harshly critical review of the. One Great Family has a tool called the Relationship Calculator. This tool The model will describe how we plan to use milestones, reviews and audits –.

The smartest way to preserve your history, in fact, is to start a digital archive right out of the gate by scanning the paper material you have, either with your own home scanner or by visiting a copy shop.

Arrange the background material you've found roughly in date order to make organizing easier on yourself! Then with a pen or a laptop at your side, you start the fun part: As you go through, start taking notes.

Write down all the names you find, the dates associated with them, and any other background information you can glean from what you've got at hand. Note down any facts you find like birthdates, places they've lived, jobs they've held as well as any questions that come up, holes in the information you find, things you want to know more about, gaps between relatives, and more. This is the heart of your genealogy project. Keep in mind that it's probably easiest and fastest to use a laptop or computer to take these notes, in order to organize them and to later start moving all this information electronically into the family tree you want to start building.

Your living relatives are going to be one of the most important sources you've got not just for dates but also for the stories and anecdotes that make your family history project so much richer. Factual questions about births and marriage dates and deaths and where they lived are important, but ask open-ended questions too, such as: How did your family end up where you grew up?

What relatives lived near you? What is your first childhood memory? What were your family members like? What religion was your family? Have you ever been mentioned in the news? Who was your oldest family member when you were growing up?

What do you know about your family surname? Is there a naming tradition in the family? Do we have any famous or infamous relatives? These questions will add depth and color to your family history. Importantly, they're also clues for further research.

The WikiTree presentation is visually difficult for me.

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So for a novice, which is the best place to start? Ancestry or someplace else? WikiTree has 17 million profiles, Geni claims million. Sources are prominent on WikiTree, nonexistent on Geni. WikiTree for genealogists, Geni started as a family photo sharing site.

I think I spend more time in the Family Search trees fixing things.

I put a discussion in his profile but people keep changing it back. It does get fustrating at times. Famiy Search tree has errors for my famiy, not sure how to correct I prefer the list of siblings and children on FamilySearch. The paragraph is to hard to scan and spot names.

On FamilySearch, when I click on a fact, it will tell me which sources apply to it. You can turn this on or off. But it has problems with duplicate profiles and anyone can change a profile. Does FamilySearch only allow a person to have one tree uploaded? I just saw that a woman just died this month — she was proved to have been born in ! I love how RootsMagic integrates with FamilySearch. They are powerful together.

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I have Legacy Family Tree. I think I will set once a week time to work on my Roots Magic tree…I am not using it to its fullest. I get too busy chases DNA matches. FamilySearch Tree is the biggest available collaborative tree. Much of the data was input by LDS members from family records.

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FST is set up to have discussions, to have sources, to have notes, including research notes. Users need to use all of that to foster better collaboration.

I met 3 previously unknown cousins on FST. The LFT videos are excellent, and they teach methods that could should be applied to other packages, too like how to add sources, how to name places, etc.

You can easily record a memory or upload a picture and quickly link it to person. I had a issue with that, family said man was the father, when he was not, but his brother. I had to use DNA to prove it.

I added it once I found DNA proof. I would add it to my RootsMagic tree and the source would say family tradition, who told me, etc. Keep in mind that those siblings were probably told that info by the same person. I put an open note on Ancestry for a challenged descendant and why it is challenged. I am the oldest of 4, and all 4 of us siblings have all different DNA percentages…however, I also found that 1 of us do not have the same mother and father as the other 3!

Blaine Bettinger helped me determine that she must have been adopted or taken in by my parents. Shock to all of us! If I tested my parents, is there any reason to test my siblings?

MyHeritage results came back and is a bit different then ancestry and 23andme.

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When will Ancestry put up a chromosome browser? Shelley, they have resisted forever. We need a browser, but also the tools to identify chromosome segments that match. I thought the question was exclusionary…you and your siblings can only have the DNA your parents have. MyHeritage has done a great job with the tools in a short time. | the site for all things Schoenbergian | Page 5

I view testing siblings along with parents, is that the siblings, including yourself adds another layer for the future generations who are trying to reach back. Living DNA was at Rootstech…it was also an interesting sales pitch. I want to learn DNA Painter.

You can change the amount of cM and see the posible relationships. Is that young woman going to head-punch her grandmother with her hat? They are building their nitch! My numbers were different vs ancestryDNA Geoff is also related to Ron Snir, I think it was him. One of the two men from MyHeritage that day anyway. It has everything to do with the reference groups used to identify n ethnicity This technology will become available by the end of the year?

Thanks for keeping us so well informed about genealogy topics! The shockingly imprecise science of a proven courtroom tool Good talk today…enjoy the rest of your day! Wonderful information once again! So much helpful info today — thanks to all!