Relationship clothes goals

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relationship clothes goals

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Your success depends on your relationships. Print a copy of the scaffold above. On a piece of paper, list all the people that play an essential role in your life both personally and professionally.

relationship clothes goals

Now draw a line to connect each name to you. Choose a specific type of line depending on the strength of the relationship according to the references i. What have you uncovered? Categorize your relationships into two groups: This is not about who you like or not, but who can help you or not achieve your goals.

Reflect on the strength of all the relationships that are critical to your success emotional, functional, networking, etc. How can you leverage unbreakable relationships? Why are some relationships broken or weak?

What can you do about it? This exercise is powerful. Be honest with yourself. Having a clear assessment of your relationships provides clarity and will move you into action. You can redo the exercise every three months and monitor your progress. Jung Our brain is lazy and hardwired by our beliefs. Rather than changing our views, when exposed to new data and opinions, we just see what we want.

We validate what we already believe in. Your relationships are mirrors that reflect what you are missing. Which ones are critical and which will make things worse?

And how will they help you survive and get rescued?

Relationship Goals: Off with your phone and off with your clothes

I have facilitated survival exercises many times with various teams. And the learning is always the same: Surrounding yourself with people that are different to you will challenge your beliefs and make you smarter.

relationship clothes goals

But first, you have to become aware of your bias and learn to neutralize it. They assume that the other person will always be there or will take care of things for them. A relationship is the result of two people working together to create something new.

relationship clothes goals

Building that foundation is a shared responsibility. What can you do to improve the relationship? Especially, when hierarchy plays an important part. Leaders speak up and address tensions rather than just expect others to do so. Making the first move is okay. Those who like you and appreciate you are not the only relationships you need. Your enemies uncover your blind spots. Your enemies test your ideas, beliefs, and convictions. Consider them when mapping your relationships.

Sometimes people are unhappy at work because they expect to find happiness in the wrong place.

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Learn to accept the limits and potential of each relationship. You are not supposed to either love or hate your boss. That silently and instantly communicated to the audience that he too was a hard worker. You might remember when a 44 page dress code published by Swiss bank UBS went viral. The obsessive stipulations detailed everything from the sensible "If you wear a watch, it suggests reliability and that punctuality is of great concern to you" to the downright invasive employees were instructed on how to shower and apply lotion, how to wear their underwear, and told not to eat garlic during the week.

They may have been control freaks, but UBS got one thing right: When you're dressing or grooming, consider what it says about you and whether it's in line with the message you want to communicate. There's no right or wrong. It's all about context. A tie can make you look reliable and rooted in tradition.

Why Your Success Depends on The Strength of Your Relationships

This might be important at an investment firm, where clients want to know that you're serious about stewarding their capital. But it can also come off as stuffy and resistant to change, which may be inappropriate for a tech startup.

Your Clothing Impacts Your Thinking Of course, dressing smart is also important for your confidence and sense of self-empowerment. But your style does more than just send messages, to your mind or to others. New research shows it actually impacts how you think. Professional dress, one study found, increases abstract thinking and gives people a broader perspective. So that tie might actually be switching on your creativity button.

Professional attire creates social distance.

relationship clothes goals

When we are more socially distant, we tend to think in more distant, abstract terms. In socially distant settings we address people by their title, for instance, rather than the more intimate first name.

That's when the brain makes millisecond judgements based on new stimulus. It often happens without us even knowing.

Couple Clothes

We might just get a feeling that we don't trust someone, or that someone else is steady and reliable. We might not even know why. That gut feeling, commonly called intuition or a first impression, is really part of the very fast-paced mental process of thin-slicing.

It's how we continually judge books by their covers, all day, every day. So choose your personal presentation with care. Presentation includes not only your clothes, but your accessories, hairstyle, fragrance, posture, body language, tone of voice, and the level of energy with which you move and speak.